About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Lennon is a counselor who partners with clients in their healing journey. Elizabeth respects each person’s individual process and supports them with humor, patience and gentleness. She works with both individuals and families. 

Elizabeth holds a Masters Degree in Counseling (M.S.) from National Louis University and is a Certified Addictions Counselor (CADC). Elizabeth enjoys cultivating plants and patience in her garden, connecting with her community while singing in a choir, and being around growing beauty as a volunteer at a local organic greenhouse. 

Areas of Expertise


Parenting provides a unique set of opportunities which can be overwhelming. Counseling can support clients as they navigate these challenges.

family &

One of the most common reasons people seek counseling is to get help with the problems that can arise in families and other close relationships.


The process of healing from trauma can open the door for a more authentic and fulfilling life experience. Isolation, which can be such a significant consequence of trauma, can be transformed into connectedness over time.


Elizabeth has had experience with private schools, public schools and homeschooling over the years of educating her daughters. Making educational choices can be difficult and support can often be helpful.


There are many challenges facing patients, caregivers and family members as a result of a medical crisis or chronic illness.


It is increasingly understood that addictions can take a variety of forms including: alcohol and substance abuse; gambling; workaholism and sex addiction. More people are impacted by the consequences of addiction than ever before. Counseling can be an important part of the recovery process.


Women experience greater stress and pressure in the cultural environment today, particularly in an effort to balance conflicting needs for professional advancement with family and relationship fulfillment.

grief & loss

The death of a loved one, divorce or other significant losses can trigger grief that is overwhelming. Counseling support can be helpful in healing from these life altering events.


Elizabeth works with couples to improve communication and help both partners gain clarity about their needs.